domenica 26 aprile 2009

Emergency First Aid

A- What would you do if someone beside you fainted at school or one of your team mates on the basketball team twisted his ankle during a game? Would you throw your arms up in horror and shout for help or calmly deal with the emergency?
Here is some advice on what to do in very common emergency situations.

B- Your friend has just fainted and is lying unconscious on the floor. What should you do? Should you rush to the bathroom, get some water and throw it on her face? No! What you should do is loosen the clothes roung her neck and waist and open all the windows to let some air in. She should come round very quickly.

C- Have you ever had a black eye? If you hit somebody accidentally in the eye what should you do to help her? Do you have to call a doctor? No, not in most cases. You should put an ice pack on the eye and the pain should go away.

D- So, now you know the basics, you don't have to run for cover if something unexpected happens. But what about something more serious like a hert attack or an asthma attack? Most people worry because they don't to do the wrong thing. If you don't know what to do, just try and make the persons comfortable and call an ambulance. But you don't always have to be worried about this. You can learn to help. Why not enrol on a ST John's Ambulance First Aid course? They're free, they're short, usually in your local area, and they'll give you the tools for life.